What George Dalaras and his musicians have to give, on the top of all, is a fantastic moment of hapiness.

BILLBOARD - Dec 1983
...the Olympic Stadium, which hosted George Dalaras for two nights. On both occasions, the 80,000-seat stadium was packed, an attendance peak previously considered unattauinable in Greece. A double stadium blitz. In a 3-hour unforgettable show, accompanied by an overwhelming audience. Tickets for Friday's show had been sold out by Monday noon...

Seine ungewohnlichen interpretatorischen Fahigkeiten haben mich stark beeindruckt. Wer dieser popularen Athenen Sanger jemals, live oder auf Platten gehort hat, wird dem nur zustinnen konnen.

ABENDZEITUNG - 3.06.1986
Was sonst hierzulande nur Pop-muzik und die Rolling Stones schaffen, macht George Dalaras mit Volksmuzik.

RNZ - 27.05.1987
All das ist nur Ausdruck einer Musik und Muisikerpresonlichkeit, die nochts aberauch gar nights, mit Folklore-kitsch zu tun hat: in George Dalaras Kompositionen und Liedern verschmelzen griechische Muziktration und Experimnt freude.

LE FIGARO - 26.06.1987
La voix est unique, irresistible. Elle s'eleve puissante avec de seduisantes sonorites typiques. Dalaras est genereux

FRANCE SOIR - 26.06.1987
...Dalaras: un souffle unique qui semble venir de Zeus.

HADASHOT (ISRAEL) - 26.06.1987
A dream! A show you must see !

MAARIV (ISRAEL) - 26.06.1987
The best performer! A music that enters your blood circulation in the rythm of sea waves. A special voice which reach the sky withouth sound schmaltz. A great natural talent with a rich musical culture. Dalaras and his band : they deserve every flower that was given to them.

One of the strongest performers we have ever seen, an amazing player who sends a lot of strength, beauty and pain. Even in the biggset venues, he's cheating intimacy. His music has a strong connection to the people and the streets. He is real, he is charismatic, he is wonderful ! What a singer!

Anyone who doesn't believe should come and see for himself. He took the audience way up. It was cold outside but very warm in the heart.

SEURA (FINLAND) - 12.11.1987
This concert will never be forgotten !

IN UND UM ZURICH - 3.06.1988
Mit diesen (erfolgreichen) Ashglug in die musikalische Universalitat muss man sich nich unbedingt anfreunden, um Dalaras geniessen und Schatzen zu konnen.

TIME OUT - 25.09.1988
His music, a drawing together of many strands of Easter Mediterranean tradition into a unifying song form , is emblematic of the diversity of modern Greek culture and, in terms of that tradition, it pre-dates the manic pop-contumely of Americanised Northern Europe. One could be glib and call Dalaras the Ry Cooder of Greek music - he is, after all a magnificent guitarist - but that would be to underplay the absolute contemporaneity of his role. No , Dalaras is huge because his music is ummitigatedly Greek... And this guy is going to pack out the Dominion Theatre on October 4 and 5.

PLUS (BELGIUM) - 29.09.1988
In whole Europe, his music kept audience enthusiast and made fanatic fans. What is remarkable about Dalaras is that this clever guitarist is trying, though his music, to keep and protect his cultural integrity.

THE GUARDIAN - 30.09.1988
What Dalaras does today, the rest of Greece does tomorrow. So says Melina Mercouri, the fire-breathing Greek Ministry of Culture about her country's most popular artist and performer. Facts bear witness to this . With themes (like this) painting the plight of a working man, it's easy to see why he has been compared to Bruce Springsteen.

George Dalaras was known as an outstanding singer, now he will be known also as a fantastic musician leading a tremendous band. Together, they proved that Folk music has not to be old-fashioned or kept in sure paths. For the fans, this concert was undoubtfully The Big Story, for the others it was the beginning of a wonderful Love Affair with the Greek quality music.

George Dalaras is reviving traditional Greek music, a richly textured blend of folk and urban blues which has established him as his country's leading singer. A wonderful perfomance by turns stirring and captivating. He sang songs of protest and hope, about social deprivation and love. A fantastic singer using his voice as an instrument following traditional patterns with routs reaching back to the Byzantine period, charming and charismatic.

VARIETY - 18.11.1988
...and he delivered a passionate and varied show. Rapport between singer and audience was established from the outset with genial between-tunes talk and many opportunities for the largerly Greek public to sing along. Although show was almost entirely in Greek, Dalaras' strong lyrical voice and charm crossed language barriers.

THE TORONTO STAR - 19.11.1988
He is a real superstar and he shook up Thomson Hall with a 3-standing ovation. Although, he is a star of Sprinsteenian proportions, Dalaras, unlike the Boss, does not exude coolness. A handsome man with long-brown hair combed back, he exudes humility and says he strives to be a progressive musician. We don't have anyone like that with no ego in the States remembered Al di Meola, who attended the concert. "I was completely blown away working with him on the LP (Latin)."

HAMISHMAR (ISRAEL) - 15.03.1989
He never stops searching, modernising, trying, surprising. He definetely is from here! With all the warmth, the strenght, the feelings, the biterness and the sadness.

MAARIV (ISRAEL) - 15.03.1989
His heart, his eyes, his soul. You don't have to understand Greek. What is so magnetic about this singer? Also, the bass voice that becomes, in the high tones, a clear and transperent sound, and true, only the sky was the limit.

We were in the palm of his hands for 3 full intense hours. Dalaras is an enormous combination of sounds and cultures : sounds of the Middle East, Greek and classical instruments, strength of rock and roll, Latin rhythm, Gipsy emotion and most of all, the music of the soul. Dalaras is a wonderful soul singer that conquers, convinces and sweeps you away.

Bei seiner Tourneen durch die USA, Kanada, Australien und Skandinavien waren die konzerte von Dalaras ebenso total ausverkauft wie bei Seinen Auftritten im der Londener Royal Albert Hall und im Parise Olympia. Publikum wie auch Kritiken waren begeistert.

EL DIA (SPAIN) - 6.07.1989
En sy curuculum figuran actuaciones con artistas famosos, tanto en concierto como en grabaciones de discos. Un ejemploi es su reciente collaboraction con Paco de Lycia y Al di Meola con quiens ha realizado un album doble que lleva pur titulo Latin. Dalaras no es mas que un ejemplo de la eforta musical de los griegos. Eso si, representa un acertado simbolo de las actuales tendencias de este pais, que puede ayurdamos a ir salvando el profundo desconocimiento que tenemos de la muisica de estos venicnos mediterraneos. Estad atentos porque en cualquier momento puenden dar una gran sorpresa !

TIME OFF - 6.10.1989
As Andrew Loyd Weber's fans packed the theatre, next door, in the Concert Hall, a crowd jammed for something, quite different and better: a concert by George Dalaras, the greatest singer of contemporary Greek popular music. Dalaras has acquired a vast reportoire that expresses the feelings and the music. Dalaras has acquired a vast reportoire that expresses the feelings and the dreams of the Greek people (and some of the rest of us too): Dalaras' singing displayed all his trademarks : the sobbing oriental wail, the words that trail into chocked cries, the timbre that ranges from metallic twang to dark rumble, the spinetinglign soar upwards on final notes. Also on display were his talents as a fantastic musician, on acoustic guitar, bouzouki and oud, giving fine improvisations. I for one am very grateful for the chance to see this sincere and humble artist who proves you dont need hype and T-shirt franchises to produce real music of the century.

At last, George Dalaras is back ! His influence is felt into the songs of Yehuda Poliker who has translated many of his songs into Hebrew, as well through the songs of the popular mizhari singers. Don't miss one of his 4 concerts !

In Belgium, we have one Great Greek : bassist Michel Hatzigeorgiou who always manages to send us to the sky. In Greece, there are more Great Greeks. And well, George Dalaras proves to be the Greatest of them all.

VSD - 10.10.1991
Le public francais ne risque pas de se lasser des conecrts de Georges Dalaras.

LE MONDE - 14.10.1991
Georges Dalaras seduit tous les publics par la tendresse et la souplesse de sa voix juvenile et vibrante comme par l'emotion de son chant. (des) chants d'espoir ou de protestations, et des musiques tres variees qui vont des airs nostalgiques des Grecs d'Asie Mineure aux tubes rocks d'aujourd'hui. En 1986, deja , a l'Olympia, son show prevu jusqu'a 22h30 depassa minuit (tant la participation du public fut extraordinare).

A pop concert? Yes, certainly, but then cut by a extraordinary Greek artist. If there is one top artist wich authentic street creditibility, then this one is Dalaras, gifted with a unique singing talent, driven by his unique guitar and bouzouki. Blood stealing !

MUSIC MEDIA - 2.11.1991
George Dalaras can appeal to a broad international audience, offering an alternative type of music without eliminating the Mediterranean style of his sings or turning his back on his Greek roots, mixing it with more modern sounds.

TEXAS DAILY TIMES - 31.01.1992
A passionate dark-haired man was strumming with a guitar, saying something he obviously believed strongly. A 12- musician band behind him produced sounds that creates a blend of East and West. I found myself moved to tears. I still could not understand the language but I heard the sounds of sea in the music; I heard the tears of a country through Dalaras' voice; I felt the urge to participate.

ADELAIDE NEWS - 14.05.1992
An extraordinary performer combining a traditional Greek folk and blues sound with flavours of rock, classical and fiery flamenco. What a show!

THE EUROPEAN - 14.05.1992
A rebel singer proud to perform for a cause. Here we have a genuine Greek god with a guitar who's become a living legend. Abored for his moody blues and ballads, packs amphitheatres the size of Wembley, proving there's a lot more to Greek music

He is a genuine folk hero; a protest singer who dragged himself out the slums of Piraeus ad became the leading of Rebetika, a form of blues so lyrical and flexible it can make Western rock sound jaded and stupid When Dalaras hosted a series of concerts in Cyprus attended by 200,000 people, the atmosphere was so intensive that by the finale the audience were ready to march out and cross the Green line that divides. That night in Athens, I saw Dalaras. The venue was full and the atmosphere electric. The music especially for those weaned on the pabulum of Western pop (like me) was a revelation.

DAILY MIRROR - 18.06.1992
He is a rock star in labour of love!

WHAT'S ON - 24.06.1992
Dalaras is a dark, Byronic figure. Intense, passionate, thoughtfull, sincere, compoassionate, humane. An artist. One of the few musicians who seem genuinely worthy of being called so. His music is the music of the heart; his delivery of it is tempered by the concserns of the head. It's in this fusion between what is felt and what can be discerned that Dalaras' music gains its power and from which derives his potency.

TIME OUT - 24.07.1992
For those not familiar with this thing Dalaras is a kind of Greek-equivalent to Ry Cooder and a musician of extreme accomplishment. He crosses genres and national boundaries with some ease and not a little grace.

YOU - July 1992
What's Greek for the Boss? Is he? No. It is British and Americkan rock-writters who have compared Dalaras, because of his intense commitment to the lower crust of his nation and his bouzouki styled fanfares for the common man, to Springsteen. In Greece, George Dalaras is far more important and famous than the so-called Boss. There can be little doubt that in the Greek delicatessen of New Jersey (if there is any) they are refering to Bruce Springsteen as the American George Dalaras.

LIBERATION - 20.01.1993
Musique de la marginalite , des bas-fonds, le rebetiko correspond d'abord au blues americain ou au Tango des bordels argentins (que Dalaras interprete) de sa voix indefinissable, directement du coeur a la gorge, sans passer par la tete , ce timbre comme epice, montant fort haut dans la gamme .

LE FIGARO - 20.01.1993
Doue d'une voix chaude et sensuelle, inondee de soleil et de tendresse, Dalaras chante en grec, mais son langage, celui du coeur, est universel et nul ne pourra ce soir y register .

NEW YORK NEWSDAY - 4.01.1994
Dalaras, the prince of Greek Popular music, has collaborated with Sting, jazz-fusionist Al di Meola and Mikis Theodorakis though his own music is closer to the lyricism of Joan Baez or Bonnie Raitt and the visceral danceability of Gipsy Kings.

Dalaras sings more in the style of dramatic, urgent romantic balladeers- a few degrees hotter than Julio Iglesias, but in the same smooth flow. His music will sound familiar to anyone.

MAARIV (ISRAEL) - 30.09.1994
Everything could happen when the black sky began to be torn by thunders, just before the horizon. And it happened that night at the Ancient Theatre of Caesaria. And it happened when he took his guitar and sang Tsur Mischelo. Thousands of lights were singing along... Toda Raba, George.

BILD ZEITUNG - 18.10.1994
George Dalaras: eine Lieder wie Salz auf der Haut.

DIE WELT - 20.10.1994
Armut, Fremde und das Feuer der Liebe. Wenn Dalaras singt, ist das wie eine Beschworun. Er scheint das Publikum suggestiv auf die Buhne zu ziehen. Die klaganden Klange des Blues schlagen urplotzlich um zu Aufschreien in wilder Hardrock Manier; die fremde orientalische Melodik, die gefluchete Griechen aus Byzanz in ihr Heimatland mitgebracht haben, erweitert die bitteren Lieder der grossen Vostadte zu neuen, doppelgesichtigen Songs aus Vertrautheit und Fremdheit zugleich - Kraft, die am Leiden gestarkt ist, Ubbehaustheit, die den Optimismus unverzichtbar gemacht hat.

DIE WOCHE - 21.10.1994
Dabei ist seine Muzik alles ander als leichte Kost. Das westliche Ohr hat mit den orientalisch klingendenHarmonien so seine Probleme, auch die vertaokten, standig wechselnden Rhythmen lassen sich nicht ohne weiteres nachvollziehen.

ETSI ! (So !) die volkstumlich tanzelde Buzuki und der hart schlagende Synthesizer, das ist der Dalaras-sound.

Wenn Dalaras is seinen Konzerten die Fanz zum Mitsigen auffordert, dann gehen die Lichter aus und Tausende fallen in eine Art von Trance Bei seinen Auftritten schafft es Dalaras, abwechselnd harte Rocknummern und gefuhvolle Balladen vorzutragen, die von Liebe, Trennung, Traurigkeit und - uber die nationalen Grenzen hinweg - der Wurde der menschilchen Existenz handeln.

Denn Dalaras ist nict allein ein Sanger von Format und enormer Popularitat, er is geradezu eine nationale Instanz, ein Monolith. Seine unverwechselbar byzntische Stimme (das Schmezige Timbre allerdings muss man mogen), mit der er in den Hohen orientalischer oloratur und Onamentik ausharrt, als kohne er Glas zersigen, tragt - obwohl das Repertoire auf Griechish vorgetragen ist - auch im Ausland uber Sprachgrenzen hinweg.

TIME OUT - 2.11.1994
Suffice to say that in a culture whose modern musical roots are steeped in the Rembetiko and the Dimotiko - the traditional musics of refugee underclasses - Dalaras has taken these two strands and used them to inform one of the most lyrical lachrymose voices of his generation. Whereas singers who adopt that mantle in rock music sound naff (Dalaras bears closer comparison to Chile's Victor Jara than, say, Bruce Springsteen), Dalaras' excavation of lost folk songs and his tirelss campaigning to raise international awareness of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus have always reflected the intensity, fire and sadness at the heart of his melodies.


Romain is the first ex-communist country to be honoured by the presence of this extraordinary Greek musician : George Dalaras. His music coming directly from the heights of the holy Olympus mountain, is close to our own tradition. The concert was divine.

Schon bei den ersten Klangen seiner neunkopgigen Band, instrumentiert mit Flugel, Akkordeon, Gittare, Kontrabass und - naturlich - Bouzouki, ahnte man: Da steht ein wunderbarer Abend bevor.

Since Zdravko, Tsopitch, nobody - and no international arist -, succeeded so easily to have the audience, in that special hall, standing clapping and dancing during 2 hours and a half. The music wasn't ours. It was from Greece, and however, we stood enthusiastic from the very beginning of the show.

Such an apotheosis was unkwown for all the international artistis who perfomed here. Without too many words, George Dalaras presented his songs, oustanding the audience Hopefully, he will come back here when he should present and perform Goran Bregovic's songs.

EL DIA - 16.07.1996
Desde Grecia, la voz de George Dalaras, en la Sala Nezahualcoyotl...